Klaviyo analytics integration is here!
You can now link touchpoints with Klaviyo messages to dynamically pull and share analytics from within Plot.
To activate analytics on a file, visit the new Analytics tab. From there, connect your Klaviyo account, select a flow, then match touchpoints with Klaviyo messages:
For each matched touchpoint, Plot will sync continuously with Klaviyo to surface open rates, click rates, unsubscribes, and more:
A makeover for SMS and push notification previews 💅
In Play view, SMS and push notification content now display in iOS mobile mockups (Android version to come) for even higher-fidelity visualization and prototyping. Plus, your stakeholders will be super impressed. 😎
New touchpoint type: In-app messages
We're long past the era when it was just about email. Since many of you partner closely with product marketing teams to bridge customer communication channels and in-app experiences, we've added in-app message to the touchpoint type menu.
Comments cont'd 💬
If there are any engineers in the room, they'll tell you building comments is no small feat. Our team looked a lot like this 😓🤬 these last two weeks, but we're so excited to ship the next phase of improvements to comments in Plot. You can now:
  • Resolve threads
  • Reopen threads
  • Open the comments panel to access and jump to any thread within a file
Emojiiiiiiis! 🧀🐻🌴🌨🍤👾🐰🌳👻🍊🚀🎀🦀🤖🌷🍞🍑🐣🧩🙊
Just type : to search and insert—in text fields, content editors, or comments. You're welcome, enjoy.
✏️ Content | 🖼️ Design | 👩‍💻 Code tabs
Now on email touchpoints, you can neatly separate copy, designs, and final email HTML output.
The Code tab is available to workspaces on our paid Team plan. Paste in your code to render a live preview in both the editor and Play view, so you can easily share high-fidelity final work.
Gone are the days of triggering individual test sends and managing long, disorganized threads of feedback... this feature will help you and your teams simplify and streamline QA.
Free Template Library 🧩
From welcome to winback to subscription upsell to NPS surveys... we don't need to tell you how impactful marketing automation is at every stage of the customer lifecycle.
To spark inspiration, we launched a collection of readymade email flow templates for businesses across ecommerce and B2B SaaS. Explore all 24 templates.
Access additional details in Play view ⏯
Many of you have requested that notes on non-touchpoint nodes be accessible in Play view—e.g. to explain rationale behind a split or trigger to stakeholders.
Now, any trigger, delay, split, action, or linked flow node with editor-side details will have a small info icon. On hover, those details will display!
Play view details
Introducing projects 📂
Teams on our paid plan can now group files into (unlimited!) projects. This is useful for organizing work by type (e.g. onboarding, retention) or, for agencies, by client.
For those on our free plan: you still have 3 free files and they've been placed in a default project for you. To get unlimited projects and files, upgrade here. Remember, you'll lock in our exclusive discounted alpha pricing for a whole year! ✨
Comments are here! 💬
Simply select any text in the node editor pane and click the blue comment icon to start a thread. Use @ to mention and notify a teammate.
We're working on these functionalities next:
  • Edit comments
  • Resolve and reopen comments
  • Access all comments in a file
  • Leave and view comments on Play view
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